Great Ways to Donate to BDHRA

In recent months we have been lucky enough to be the recipients of gifts from people who have asked their friends to donate to us rather than buying them a present. Thank you Bill and Shirley Walpole and your family and friends following your 50th Wedding Anniversary. Thanks also to Mr and Mrs Sumner whose family and friends made donations to us for their 60th Anniversary party. Recently, at our Christmas Party, Mr Ray Wiles of Kempston (picture above) made such a donation to us. Thank you Mr Wiles and his friends and family. (I shan't tell you how many years young he is?)

Aesopians Support BDHRA

The Christmas party was a great success and this year we raised over £4,000. The Aesopians Golf Society continue to support us and this year Mr Les Bolland handed over their cheque to Jean Bedford at our party. So a big THANK YOU to the Aesopians for their unwavering support


The 7th December was a special day at the BDHRA as it was our annual Christmas Party and this year there was something for everyone. Our honoured Guest was Mr Christopher Kilroy and in addition to talking to each rider as he handed them their Christmas rosette, he donated a hefty cheque to the BDHRA so we have a lot to thank him for. The children played various games after the Nativity Tableau had finished and no one was left out. Guests played a variation of pass the parcel with the winner each time winning a sweetie and the school teachers took part in a very funny dressing up game, much to the amusement of their pupils. Willington County Primary school children came along too and sang

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