Muffin is our smallest pony we have at present and is also our oldest. He is 26 years old this year. He is a 13.2 hands grey but he has the belief that he is the biggest of the group. He is very cheeky and is very good with our smaller riders. He is also a favourite among our helpers. He came to us from a private home 8 years ago together with…..




Hettie is a 25 year old grey mare and at 15.2 hands high she is our biggest horse. She grows a very thick coat in the winter so we try to keep her clipped an experience that she loves, almost falling asleep as it is being done.




Atia is our youngest horse at Willington. She is believed to be 10 or 11 years old. Standing at 14.3 hands she has grown in the 6 years we have had her. Sadly her owner died and his family wanted her to come to us as she has a very kind nature. She settled down well and is still learning her job.




Doris is a piebald cob mare standing at 14.2 hands. She was bought from a private home in 2016. Unfortunately she likes grass a bit too much in the summer so we have to be very careful about the amount of grass in her paddock to stop her getting laminitis.




Maisie is a 17year old piebald mare. She has been with us 2 ½ years. Before she joined us as well as being a ridden family pony she also pulled a small cart round the villages of Northampton delivering milk. She is a very placid pony and loves a lot of attention.




Cash is our newest member of the ‘team’ arriving in October 2019. He is an Irish Sports horse standing at 15 hands high. He is now 20years old. He is a very quiet, placid horse and perfect for our riding centre. We are able to ride almost anyone on him.