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Coco Amanda.jpg


Coco is our newest recruit.  He came to us from a big riding centre in April 2023 for a quieter life and has fitted in very well.  He is now 14 years old and at 14 hands is a very useful size for children and teenagers.  He is a very quiet pony and is becoming a firm favourite of everyone.



Dave is the biggest of all the horses we have at present.  He is about 15 hands 3 inches.  He is a piebald cob gelding.  He came to us in October 2021 aged 11.  Although he is big he is a gentle giant so we are able to ride both children and adults on him.



Atia is a kind beautiful bay mare that loves being around both adults and children.  She is ideal for riders that are too nervous or anxious to ride as she loves being groomed and stroked.




Doris is a piebald cob mare standing at 14.2 hands. She was bought from a private home in 2016. Unfortunately she likes grass a bit too much in the summer so we have to be very careful about the amount of grass in her paddock to stop her getting laminitis.




Maisie is a 19year old piebald mare. She came to us 4 years ago from a gentleman in Northampton where as well as being a family pony she was used to pull a small cart around the local villages delivering milk.  She is a very placid pony and loves a lot of attention. Before she joined us as well as being a ridden family pony she also pulled a small cart around the local villages delivering milk.  She is a very placid pony and loves a lot of attention.

Cash A.jpg



Cash arrived in October 2019. He is an Irish Sports horse standing at 15 hands high. He is now 20years old. He is a very quiet, placid horse and perfect for our riding centre. We are able to ride almost anyone on him. 

Tam  head.jpg



Tam is a skewbald 14 hand 2 inch cob gelding.  He is unusual as he almost ginger and white.  He was born in 2009 and came to us in November 2021.  He is a very quiet boy who loves having a cuddle in the field and from our riders when they come on Wednesdays which makes him very popular with everyone.

Bob headshot.jpg



Bob is the youngest and smallest of our ponies.  He is only 13 hands and 2 inches but don't tell him that, he thinks he is as big as Dave.  At 7 years old he is still learning his job he is very popular with our young riders as he is a bit cheeky.

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