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Funny How Things Work Out - Would you like to become a Volunteer Too

We are always looking for new volunteers but not necessarily people who are horsey minded indeed MEET Bridget Yelland who joined us recently after two of her friends Karen and Joan became volunteers.

Bridget has a bit of a `dodgy knee` so she couldn`t really do the more strenuous job as a side helper but she was willing to help in the kitchen was very fortuitous because we have just lost our kitchen ladies. Helen, Mary and Brenda who had a total of about 100 years of volunteering for us between them, had just left and we were wondering how we would cope without them and so when Bridget turned up, we welcomed her with open arms.

Bridget looks after everyone for their mid-morning coffee and helps out at lunch times and her happy smiling disposition rubs off on everyone. Funny how things work out sometimes.

If you would like to be a volunteer please contact Gill Smith email mobile 07712 129242

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