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Seven for Seven in in Seven Raises £9,400 for BDHRA

Well what a week Nick Kier our Trustee had. The weather was kind to him as he ran seven half marathons in seven days for seven different charities. Running alongside him during the seven days were 150 sponsored runners, seven of whom ran all seven half marathons.

The week culminated in the run for the BDHRA at Willington. Running specifically for us on our day, alongside Nick, were Sally Olney, Ian Peck, Lyle Wheeler, Aniko Scabadfalri, Sarah Kier, Nick Fletcher, Chris & Jackie Townson, Sarah Hind and Ali Greenwood. Nick and the runners have raised a whopping £9,400 for the BDHRA so far, although the website remains open for donations until 31st December.

We must thank these runners for their help in raising such a significant sum.

Sally Olney and Sarah Hind put on a cake sale, the proceeds of which they donated to our page on the 7for7in7 website.

Ian Peck, a local businessman who excelled at rugby and cricket, not a natural runner (I hope I am not upsetting him in this observation), trained consistently and called in quid pro quo donations from the many people he has sponsored over the years and who returned that gesture in kind.

Aniko Scabadfalri ran for us and she doesn’t even live in the country yet alone the county! Aniko`s daughter is married to a son of one our volunteers (Gillian Smith).

Lyle Wheeler was possibly the youngest and fittest of our runners, the son of our volunteer Elaine Wheeler, he flew like the wind and was the first to cross the finishing line. (although it was NOT a race , he was the winner)

We must also thank the officials on the day, the marshals, the people who manned the water stations, the cyclists who accompanied the runners and the whole team behind the event that was drawn from members and friends of the Rotary Club of Bedford Park.

We finished off the morning with cakes, coffee and beer and the volunteers mingled with the participants and a good time was had by all.

To find out more visit ... the donation page is open for some weeks.


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