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Welcome to a new member of our Team

Meet Tiddles.

Tiddles is a registered New Forest Pony and her full name is Vernons Tittle-Tattle. She is a bay mare, 22 years old and 14 hands high. She was gifted to us by her owner Amanda Miller on 20th August this year. We like to try out new ponies to make sure they fit the bill and Tiddles does this in leaps and bounds. We would like to thank Amanda for giving us such a brilliant pony and if anyone else wants a good home for a pony with some mileage left on the clock, please do contact us.

Amanda`s daughter had outgrown Tiddles who has previously led an active life in the Pony Club , hunted and had two foals. She has settled in and mixes well both in the field with our other ponies and with our riders and volunteers, indeed she is a firm favourite . She seems adapted to her new role in life very well.


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