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Craft Fayre Raises £2013.40

We are very happy to report that our annual craft fayre continues to be a great success and we raised £2013.40. This money is particularly useful because it is not ring fenced like donations from larger funders which we have to spend on particular items.

We would like to say how important it is to us that we receive such support at grass roots level and we wish to thank everyone who donates and raises money for us no matter how small or how large the donation. For example money raised at coffee mornings, garden openings and toy stall sales is just as important to us as money received from larger funders in fact perhaps more so because larger funders are unlikely to want to give us money towards running costs which are just over £25,000 per annum.

It could be argued that is is easier to get funding towards concrete items for example a field shelter than it is food for the ponies. Indeed, going forwards it is really important for us to focus upon raising money that is not ring fenced that can be used for day to day running costs.


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